Are Boardman bikes any good?

Are Boardman a good bike brand?

Details of the latest range of Boardman bikes have just been released and they cover the models most likely to be of interest to roadies and drop-handlebar adventure cyclists. … Sold through independent shops and the chain Halfords, his bikes are among the best selling in the UK.

Where are Boardman bikes made?

99% of all quality frames are made in Taiwan.

Are Boardman bikes made in UK?

(stylised “boardman'”) is a British bicycle manufacturer, founded by the professional cyclist Chris Boardman, Sarah Mooney and Alan Ingarfield, and launched in the United Kingdom and Ireland in 2007.

Boardman Bikes.

Type Private
Parent Halfords Group plc

Are Boardman still making Bikes?

Boardman Bikes has just released its 2021 range, including updates to its SLR endurance bike and the release of its new ADV gravel bike. Boardman Bikes has been notably quiet recently. That’s because it has been gearing up for the launch of its 2021 range.

Who owns Boardman?

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