Are Haro Bikes still good?

Which bike is better trek or Haro?

The Haro has better components than the Trek. Both are probably equally durable and upgradeable. They both use pretty standard parts so you can upgrade either one easily.

Are Haro bikes made in China?

Haro falls in line with most other large bike manufacturers in that it outsources all of its frame production. Haro uses factories in Taiwan for producing all of its models. Getting its frames made overseas allows Haro to keep production costs low.

Is the Haro downtown a good bike?

The 2021 Haro Downtown BMX Bike is a great model to jump on and get started in freestyle riding. Sealed bearings in the headset, bottom bracket, and rear cassette hub mean less maintenance and more riding. … The Haro Downtown BMX Bike is a great start in the world of biking.

Where are Haro bikes manufactured?

Production and Refinement

Full production of the Haro Freestyler began in around July of 1982 at the workshop of Torker BMX, In Fullerton, Orange County.

Who is Haro owned by?

At the end of five years, Bob left Haro Bikes and started a graphic design company. In 1993, the company was sold again, this time to a group of investors headed by Jim Ford, a Vice President at Haro Bikes since 1981.

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Are Electra bikes made in the USA?

Additionally Electra designed and sells comfort bicycles, and hybrid bicycles.

Electra Bicycle Company.

Type Private
Founded 1993
Headquarters Encinitas, California , United States
Products Bicycle and related components
Parent Trek Bicycle Company

How heavy is a Haro bike?


Colors Black, Matte Army Green, White
Weight 26 lbs
Cranks 3-pc Cr-Mo 8 Spline 170mm

How much is a Haro bike?

The South Shore’s most complete bicycle shop, for 31 years and counting.

Premium Products
STRAY Matte Black, Cadet Blue $349.99
INSPIRED Matte Grey, Cherry Cola $399.99