Best answer: Are bigger MTB rotors better?

Do Having bigger rotors stop better?

Increasing The Size Of Your Rotors Improves Heat Dissipation

This is a problem because: The excessive heat can cause the rotors to warp. When brake pads overheat, the friction material creates a thin layer of gasses between the pad and rotor. This reduces friction, which increases your vehicle’s stopping distance.

Do bigger brake rotors make a difference?

Stopping Friction

The common myth of a big brake kit is that your car will stop faster with larger pads and rotors because you have more surface area (thus more friction). The truth of the matter is that most likely, you already have more stopping friction in your stock brakes that you can use.

Does the size of the rotor matter?

Although larger brake rotors are more powerful and durable in their performance, when descending very steep terrain, they can be too powerful for flatter, flowing trails or terrain that isn’t tacky. In dusty summer riding conditions, a 203mm brake rotor will react with great immediacy to even the slightest lever input.

Do bigger rotors mean more stopping power?

Simply put a bigger rotor provided better braking, and a four pot caliper provides better braking – better meaning more, and more control (Everything else being equal). For the same force between the disc and pads, a bigger rotor generates more torque on the wheel – i.e. more stopping force.

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Do I need 180mm rotors?

Better for Heavier Individuals and Loaded Bikes

The greater the mass, the more braking power is needed to stop the bicycle. For that reason, 180mm rotors are recommended to individuals on the heavier side and to people who transport heavy cargo (e.g., touring cyclists.)

Can I put bigger rotors on my bike?

AFAIK you only need a brake caliper adapter (more weight) and a larger rotor. Your existing caliper should work fine, and the hub bolt pattern should be the same too. You’ll need to check that your fork is rated for a larger rotor, and that the rider load limits remain the same.

How long do MTB rotors last?

A bike’s disc rotor can last for an average of 2 years for a rider who rides 3-5 times in a week. However, this period varies due to differences in riding styles and the quality of your brake pads. Generally, it is advisable to install a new set of brake pads whenever you replace the disc rotors.

How do I know what size rotor I need?

Call your local OEM dealer and ask for the original rotor sizes or OEM rotor/pads part numbers based on your vehicle’s VIN number (VIN# is referenced in your ownership papers). The dealership may not tell you the rotor size, but they will give you the genuine part numbers for your vehicle.

When should I replace my MTB rotors?

Braking erodes material off the rotor depending on the riding conditions, rotors will typically last through two or more sets of brake pads. When a SHIMANO rotor measures 1.5mm thick or less, it’s time to replace it. A new rotor should always be accompanied by new brake pads.

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Are bigger disk brakes better on bikes?

Size matters. When it comes to the rotors on disc brake systems, the larger the diameter the greater the potential braking force (just ask Isaac Newton). What’s more, a bigger diameter usually means a greater surface area, which helps with heat dissipation.