Best answer: Can you restrict any bike to A2?

How do you get a bike A2 restricted?

A Restricted Licence can be gained by taking a motorcycle test on a motorcycle or scooter of at least 400cc and between 20 and 35kw (33 to 47bhp). It is also known as an A2 Licence. To qualify for this test you must have first done a CBT and a Motorcycle Theory Test. You must be at least 19 years old.

Can I use my own bike for A2 test?

Can I use my own motorbike for DAS training & test (Direct Access Scheme big bike)? Yes, although it’s a little unusual. … You would have to be 19 years old (or older) for the category A2 training. You need to be 24 years old or older for category A training.

Can you restrict a CBR 600 to A2?

Yes, you can ride the Honda CBR600F (1987 – 1990) on an A2 motorbike licence. However, you will need to fit a restrictor kit to reduce its power output and make it A2 licence compliant!

Can I ride my own bike to CBT?

You can use your own bike for your CBT – it just has to be legal for you to ride it. … Your own bike will also need to be properly insured. It’s best to give yourself plenty of time to arrange your moped insurance before CBT training begins so it’s all in place in time for the course.

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What bikes are used for CBT?

CBT Training typically takes only 1 day and you can then have the freedom of two wheels. As a CBT certificate holder, you will be restricted to the range of 50cc to 125cc sized motorbikes, scooters or mopeds.

Can you ride a CBR 600rr on A2 Licence?

CBR600RR CANNOT be made A2 complient. A2 restrictions say a bike up to 35Kw or restricted down to 35Kw from a standard machine making no more than 2x restricted power. CBR600RR makes more than 70Kw as standard ergo cannot be restricted, therefore little point making restrictor kits for them.

Is the CBR500R A2 Compliant?

Honda CBR500R, £6149

Introduced in 2014 as the sports variant of Honda’s purpose-built, three-strong, A2-compliant 47bhp, 500cc twin family, the CBR was designed to fully exploit the new regulations in terms of performance but also, in typical Honda vein, be a quality, affordable machine in its own right.

Can you restrict a CBR 600?

Yes it can. Pointless but it can be restricted.