Can I clean my bike with Windex?

Can you use glass cleaner on a bike?

We recommend that you NEVER use glass cleaner on your motorcycle. It can lead to damage on your windshield including de-lamination or hazing and offers no protection to your paint. Always use a soft material such as microfiber for your cloths and sponges.

Is Windex safe on carbon fiber?

So far no problems :D.

How do I dry my bike after washing it?

Allow the bike to dry after rinsing. Use compressed air if available, but do not blast bearings directly. Use a light lubricant such as CL-1 on the chain, pulley wheels, cables, and pivots points.

How can I clean my bike at home?


  1. Rinse your bike thoroughly with cool water to remove loose dirt.
  2. Clean it with a sponge or soft cloth using cool water. …
  3. Clean the plastic parts using a cloth or sponge dampened with a solution of mild detergent and water. …
  4. After cleaning, rinse the motorcycle thoroughly with plenty of clean water.

Is Windex Bad for motorcycles?

Things to Avoid

If you clean your bike with Windex or other glass cleaners like Windex you should be aware that although it will clean the dirt from your paint and chrome, it will also remove your wax and polish. … In my opinion you should never use glass cleaners on a motorcycle windshield.

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Can you use pledge on Chrome?

Pledge Multi-Surface Cleaner Spray, Works on Glass Leather, Granite, Wood, Marble, Chrome, Stainless Steel, Quartz, and More, Fresh Citrus. … You can conveniently use it on multiple hard surfaces like wood, granite, stainless steel and even electronics, thanks to its formula.

Is Simple Green safe for motorcycles?

Washing your motorcycle helps maintain its beauty, sure. … Extreme Simple Green Motorsports Cleaner & Degreaser is extremely aggressive on grease and heavy soils, but won’t damage the high-performance surfaces found on motorcycles, including aftermarket parts.

Can I clean my bike with baby wipes?

The key is to keep it dry so that all the gunk on the frame just flakes off. … Then use a few more babywipes and clean your frame, tires, handlebars, wheels etc. Take one last babywipe and clean your hands, and voila. In 10mins time you’ll have a bike that looks brand new again.

Do you need to degrease bike chain?

In the end, the general advice is to keep your drivetrain clean with a smart selection of chain lube, and a consistent routine to ensure gunk doesn’t build up. If you do this, you’ll only rarely need to use degreaser, and when you do, you’ve got plenty of options.

Can I use car soap on my bike?

Don’t use high-pressure car washes/washers

I have always recommended against it because the jet of water coming out of these devices is too powerful. … The high pressure can also force itself into the tiny spaces between chain parts, leaving your bike with an annoying squeak that isn’t easy to silence.

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