Can I put a basket on my mountain bike?

Should I get a bike basket?

A good bike basket is a great gadget when you do shopping or carrying a backpack with your routine travel. It allows you to effortlessly carry extra things on your bike. … However, if you have to carry more than 15 lbs, we always recommend getting a rear basket. These baskets are perfect for carrying heavy loads.

How much weight can a bike basket hold?

The average boot bike rack can transport 2 to 3 bikes and carry a maximum weight of between 30 (66 lbs) to 45 kg (99 lbs).

Can I use a mountain bike for everyday use?

Yes, it is, you can comfortably use a mountain bike for your commute with the possibility of a few modifications depending on your terrain to work. … The best bike for commuting is one that offers you the most comfort and practicability so that you can ride more often without feeling like it’s a chore.

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