Can you turn a single speed bike into a multi speed?

Can you upgrade single speed bike to geared?

Singlespeed frames have dropouts designed to provide a mechanism for adjusting chain tension by moving the rear hub, so you would need dropout adapters to fit a rear derailleur. Single speed frames lack shifter cable bosses, so you have to get bolt on ones.

How much does it cost to convert a single speed bike to geared?

Total cost of the job was about $100, with $60 going to parts and $40 to labor. This is an average price for a basic single-speed conversion, according to One on One. (In most towns, there will be bike shops more attuned to the single-speed movement, so call around for some bids if you go ahead with a similar project.)

Can you convert a bike to have gears?

Depends on just what bicycle it is, but its probably possible to add gears in some way. But it may be expensive or complicated. First thing to check is the frame spacing, ie the width between the rear dropouts. Many singlespeeds use 120mm wide hubs, whereas modern geared hubs are 130mm (road) or 135mm (mountain bike).

Can a fixie have gears?

As fixie bikes have no gears, high peak strengths are achieved not only in both legs but also thanks to the gripping and dynamic traction that come from the torso and arms.

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