Do speedway bikes have gears?

Do speedway bikes have a clutch?

The “dry” clutch is the most personal part of a speedway bike to a rider. Some riders prefer it to “bang” which makes the bike jump from the start and then they will feather the clutch several times before the first bend. … Every speedway rider spends hours and hours of time and money on his clutch!

How do speedway bikes stop?

Riders can stop the bike by deliberately laying down the bike on the track, and this technique is used to avoid riders who fall in front of pursuing opponents.

How do speedway riders get paid?

Speedway has a singular financial model. Unlike F1 and MotoGP racers, riders are not hired by teams but are self-employed and paid only when they race.

Why do speedway bikes have no brakes?

That’s right, they have no brakes. The bikes use methanol as fuel and although they only have one gear, that gear accelerates the bikes from 0-60mph as fast as an F1 car!

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