How do I rebuild my bike hub?

Can a wheel hub be repaired?

If you have a very loud grinding or humming sound coming from the front end, and your brakes and tires are fine, your car may be in need of wheel hub repair. Fortunately, this repair can be done in your garage, given you have the correct tools to perform the job.

Can you rebuild hub assembly?

There is no way to disassemble and repair a sealed hub assembly. If the internal ABS sensor has failed or if the external ABS tone ring on the hub is damaged or badly corroded, the whole unit must be replaced. The same goes for any other sealed wheel bearing and hub assembly.

How much does it cost to replace a bike hub?

Labor Rates

Spoke Replacement with Tune-Up $10.00 $25.00*
Remove / Install Cassette on Bike $7.50 $15.00
Free Hub Body Replacement $20.00 $10.00*
Wheel Replacement $10.00 $20.00*
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