How do you get a nut off a bike wheel?

How do you loosen a bolt on a bike tire?

If the lever is tight, you can use a tire lever to pry it open. Holding the lever still, loosen the bolt on the other side of the axle, but DO NOT remove the bolt completely. For thru axles, open the lever into the open position and turn the lever counter-clockwise to unthread the axle and remove it from the hub.

How do you take the front wheel off a bike without quick release?

Hold the bike by handlebars in one hand, while the other hand should hold the wheel on the ground. Place the fork dropouts in line with the axle on the front wheel. Place the axle into the dropouts by pushing the bike down into the axle to ensure that the wheel is in alignment with the dropouts.

What size nut is on a bike wheel?

If it’s 5/16″ at 26 threads per inch then an M8-1.00 nut may fit since 25.4 tpi is very close to 26 tpi and 7.9mm diameter is very close to 8mm. First try your LBS, take the wheel with you.

8 Answers.

Nominal Thread Size Example of Bicycle Uses
5/16 inch x 24 tpi Front hubs, solid axle, less expensive bikes
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