How do you maintain a bike suspension fork?

Can you use WD-40 on bike forks?

WD-40 should only be used to free up frozen parts like old shifters and/or derailleurs that have been abused. It can also be used as a degreaser on bearings before repacking with grease. Otherwise keep in the garage AWAY from your bike. There are better products to use on your bike and NO 3 in 1 oil is NOT one of them.

Can I use WD-40 on my bike suspension?

WD-40 doesn’t really lubricate much of anything. It’s actually a de-greaser, so it will remove any lubricant from bicycle chains, cables and other pivot joints. If you’re cleaning your chain for re-lubrication purposes with a product other than WD-40, then WD-40 will be fine to use.

What can you use for fork oil?

Peanut Butter, and in some cases jelly…………. Many motorcycle supply shops also sell fork oil if you’re having a hard time finding some. Massage oil is the real secret! After all you do want to keep the insides working good and what better way then to have massage oil working it.

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