How important is suspension on a bike?

How important is suspension on a mountain bike?

Suspension is the nervous system of the bike. It is the response to all the variables you encounter while on the trail. Suspension does much more than just smooth out the bumps. It provides traction across slippery roots, support when landing off drops and helps hold speed through turns.

Why do road bikes have no suspension?

Road bikes are meant for one thing, to get from point A to point B in a quick manner. So one of the major reasons that road bikes don’t have suspension is because of the added weight. Suspension is a heavy component on a bike, and those added pounds just aren’t conducive to what road bikes are meant to do.

Are suspension forks worth it?

If you’re sensitive to vibration and you want to cruise in comfort, it’s worth considering a suspension fork. Riding on cobblestones in cities, crossing tram or train tracks, single trail and gravel, you can take advantage of a front shock. It definitely feels good not feeling every single bump shaking your arms.

Can you mountain bike without shocks?

Bikes usually come in three varieties: fully rigid (no suspension), hard tail (front fork suspension only), and full suspension (both front and rear suspension). It’s entirely possible to start mountain biking without the use of any suspension.

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Is front or rear suspension more important?

a good suspension fork has more to do with a good handling bike than a good rear shock. the front fork steers, keeps the front wheel aligned, and absorbs shock. the rear shock is just a shock absorber. upgrade the front, a creaky loose POS fork makes for a miserable ride.

What suspension does intense use?

Intense uses the VPP but modified it to their own criteria vs.