How long should a MTB chain last?

How often should I replace my mountain bike chain?

It’s best to replace your bike chain often to save money!

Even with regular maintenance & lubrication most bicycle chains need to replaced about every 1500 miles, however mountain bikes need bike chain replacement more often due to mud, dirt and other debris speeding up wear.

How do I know if my bike chain needs replacing?

Measuring chain wear the free and easy way

2. Pull the chain at the front of the chainring as shown. If the chain starts to lift off the top and/or the bottom of where it sits on the chainring teeth, this means that the chain is starting to wear or is worn. If your chain lifts off the ring like this, it’s likely worn.

Is WD40 bad for bike chains?

Can I use WD-40 to lube my bicycle chain? No. You should never use WD40 as chain lubricant since WD-40 is NOT a true lubricant since it’s primary use is as a solvent or rust dissolver.

How long should a Shimano chain last?

When I tested a Shimano chain, I found it would be take about 3500 miles to reach . 5% elongation, but the chain must be well maintained to last that long. A cassette should last through at least 3 chains with that mileage, but it varies a lot, depending on riding conditions and maintenance.

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What MTB chain should I buy?

Which brand of chain should you buy? For optimal performance, it’s recommended to match your drivetrain manufacturer (the most common are SRAM and Shimano) to the brand of chain. This isn’t vital though – as long as the chain is made for your number of gears, it should work.