Question: Do you need to indicate when overtaking a cyclist?

What is the law on overtaking cyclists?

Rule 139 of the Highway Code states “give cyclists at least as much room as you would a car when overtaking”. Rule 188 of the Highway Code states “When passing a cyclist give them plenty of room”. If they look over their shoulder while you are following them it could mean that they may soon attempt to turn right.

When passing a cyclist you must give them?

When passing a cyclist, remember to give at least three feet of room—the more room, the better. Some states legally require drivers to give four feet of space when passing. (Check what the law is in your state here.)

Can I overtake a cyclist?

When Is it Safe to Overtake a Cyclist? … So it’s safe to overtake a cyclist when: Overtaking is justified, and it won’t cause you to exceed the speed limit. The way ahead is clear – not just of oncoming traffic, but of side roads, driveways, bends, potholes, puddles, or anything else that might make overtaking dangerous.

Do you need to indicate when overtaking a parked car?

Generally it is unnecessary to signal when passing parked cars. Excessive signalling in this situation can potentially be confusing to other drivers as they may think you are making a right turn. There are however situations where a signal may be of benefit to other vehicles.

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What should you do if you are overtaking a bicycle?

What should you do if you are overtaking a bicycle and an oncoming vehicle is approaching at the same time? You must slow down and let the vehicle pass first to give extra room to the bicycle.

What should you do if you overtake a cyclist when it’s very windy?

On windy days, when overtaking motorcyclists or cyclists, allow them extra room. Motorcyclists and cyclists will sometimes need to swerve to avoid hazards such as drain covers, so always give them plenty of room when passing them.

Should you indicate when overtaking a bus?

It’s not generally necessary to indicate to the right when waiting behind a bus as it’s usually clear to other road users that you are waiting for the bus to move off or overtake it. … Bus drivers always signal their intention to pull over or move off.

When should you never overtake a cyclist?

Never overtake a cyclist if they look like they are going to change direction, especially crossing your path. Look out for their body language and arm signals. Try not to overtake a cyclist unless you can pass them with at least 1 metre between them and you. Think of an open car door length to gauge a metre.

Can you speed when overtaking?

Yes, it’s illegal to speed while passing another car. In fact, it’s illegal to drive in excess of the speed limit at any time, no matter the circumstances. … But while it might feel safer to try and complete an overtaking move quickly, you must always obey the speed limits or risk a significant fine.

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