Question: How do you steer a smart trike?

Does the Smart Trike Recliner?

Ultra-fashionable in a modern urban look, the smarTrike STR™ 7 goes from a baby push tricycle with a reclining seat for 6-month-olds, to an independent toddler tricycle that helps them develop the skills needed for independent riding.

What age can a baby go on a trike?

When she’s about three years old, your toddler may be ready to try pedalling on a three-wheeler, or tricycle . A tricycle is great for your child’s coordination and muscle strength. And, of course, she’ll love the extra speed she can get from pedalling.

How do you recline a seat on a smart trike?

Your baby can enjoy an extra level of sleepy naptime on the go with the reclining seat on our premium folding trikes. Just push in the red buttons on the side and recline the seat.

Does Kinderkraft Aston trike fold?

Extendable, easily foldable, and with a mesh window – this hood is just perfect. You can use it to protect your child from too much sun or rain. This is only one of the many amazing parts of the trike – from the foldable footrest to the foam tires that features strong brakes, and the free wheel at the front!

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