Quick Answer: How often should a road bike be serviced?

How frequently should I service my road bike?

“It really depends on how often you ride,” shares Ahmad. “For the weekend warrior, once every three to four months is about right. As for what we need to do to the bike, it all depends on the condition of it.”

How often should cycle be serviced?

The recommended service interval for most bikes is 6 month for “regular” use (daily commuters), and 12 months for “light” use (occasional rides). If you use your bike regularly, your bike will need regular servicing.

What maintenance does a road bike need?

Every 2 weeks or 200 Miles, whichever comes first:

  • Lube & check chain life (explained below). …
  • Inspect brake pads front and rear. …
  • Inspect cleats on your shoes to ensure they aren’t worn too thin.
  • Remove your wheels and wipe off your frame top to bottom while looking for any imperfections in the paint or frame.

How often should you get a road bike tune-up?

No matter how often you ride you should give your bike a tune-up at least once a year.

How long should a road bike chain last?

Expect between 1,500 and 3,000 miles from a 10-speed chain. It helps to establish what counts as ‘worn out’. A chain is worn enough to affect transmission efficiency when it lengthens by 0.75% but has some life left if extended mileage is the aim, in which case it should ideally be replaced when it lengthens by 1%.

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Is bike servicing necessary?

Not only is it important to make sure the bike is serviced regularly, it is also necessary to make sure that you carry out some maintenance checks regularly to make sure it is in top condition. Here are seven necessary tips to keep in mind and perform regularly to ensure your bike is in its best shape.

When should I service my new bike?

You should service your bike at least once a year. If you are using your bike more frequently (more than twice a week), then every six months is ideal.

When should I get my new bike serviced for the first time?

Mini Guide to Maintenance of Bikes

  1. During Pre-delivery. …
  2. Warranty. …
  3. First service – 500– 700 KM / one month. …
  4. Second Service – 2,500 – 2,700 KM / 4 months. …
  5. Third service – 4,500 – 5,000 KM / 7 months. …
  6. Fourth service – 6,500 – 7,000 KM / 9 months. …
  7. Fifth service – 8,500 – 9,000 KM / 11 months.