What can you do with old bike parts?

How do you dispose of bike parts?

As for the other unusable bike parts, you can drop them off in community recycling centres near Sydney or get a removal company to transport them right away. Also, depending on your suburb location, you can contact your local council pickup to collect them but never leave them on kerbsides because that is illegal.

What charity takes old bikes?

Bikes for the World is a nonprofit charity organization and group of volunteers that collect your old, unwanted, and used bicycles, bike parts, and bicycle repair tools (as well as portable, operating sewing machines) for delivery specifically to other community organizers and initiatives in the developing world.

Where can I leave my old bike?

Below is a list of where you can recycle your bike and help the community.

  • Western Sydney Cycling Network. Fixes up donated bicycles and loans them to the local community to promote recycling, sustainability and healthy living. …
  • Bicycle Garden. …
  • Cycle Re-cycle Club. …
  • Bike Love Corral. …
  • Bikes4Life.

How do I dispose of my old bike in India?

Sell your bike to a scrap dealer. The dealer will provide you the chassis number after cutting the parts and it will be proof that your bike has been scrapped. Go and get an affidavit made that declares your bike has been scrapped. Inform about this to the RTO.

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Do charity shops take bikes?

You may be able to donate it to a larger charity shop, but please do ask them if they can accept it before you take it down to a shop, as many smaller stores do not have to space to accomodate a large item such as a bike.