What do bike route signs mean?

What type of sign is a bike route sign?

Section 9B. 02 Design of Bicycle Signs

Sign MUTCD Code Minimum Sign Size for Shared-Use Path – mm (in)
Bicycle Guide D1-1b 600 x 150 (24 x 6)
Street Name D1-1c 450 x 150 (18 x 6)
Bicycle Parking D4-3 300 x 450 (12 x 18)
Bike Route D11-1 600 x 450 (24 x 18)

What does a bicycle painted on the road mean?

This sharrow symbol with a bicycle symbol underneath mean that bicycles share the same road space (center of the road) as bicycles. If a car come up behind a bicycle they must follow at a safe distance behind the bicycle. In other word bicycles sharrow (share) the same road space as cars.

Is a bike route sign regulatory?

Legally, every street and highway is a Bike Route, unless specifically prohibited by a sign. We can legally ride 1000 miles of freeway in California.

What does a broken yellow line mean?

Line Colors

Solid yellow lines mark the center of a road used for two-way traffic. Broken yellow lines indicate that you may pass if the broken line is next to your driving lane. Two solid yellow lines indicate no passing.

Is Orange County bike friendly?

With over 1,000 miles of bikeways and scenic trails, Orange County is a great place to be a bicyclist – which is why there are so many bike shops!

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