What do you call a bike with no pedals?

Why are there bikes without pedals?

Most cyclists tend to stick with one of these standards across all of their bikes, so they don’t have to have multiple sets of shoes. Thus higher-end bicycles typically are sold without pedals so that the customer can select the style of pedal that matches their existing shoes.

Do balance bikes have pedals?

Balance bikes are low bikes without pedals, designed to help toddlers practice balance and coordination before transitioning to a regular bike. Balance bikes benefit toddlers in many ways, including: Giving them a sense of control. Helping them master one bike-related skill at a time.

Do Specialized bikes have pedals?

Do Specialized Bikes Come With Pedals? Specialized bikes don’t normally come with pedals. However, they do make a quality flat pedal if you like to ride flat pedals.

Does my child need Stabilisers?

What’s more, after a few years when it’s time for your child to move onto a bigger bike, you’ll most likely find that no stabilisers are needed. There may be a few wobbles while they get used to the bigger bike but they’ve already built up their balance and the muscles that they need to control their new bike.

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