What does Walmart bike warranty cover?

Is Walmart bike protection plan worth it?

Walmart’s bike warranty is a generous protection plan that covers damage due to normal wear and tear, but not theft, intentional damage or loss. These modestly priced plans offer serious piece of mind to people who want to protect their new investment, and are especially wise for parents or serious bikers.

How does the warranty work at Walmart?

The Walmart Protection Plan is issued through Allstate, one of the country’s largest insurance providers. You must purchase the plan when you buy your product or within 30 days after purchase to get protection. If you buy it, and your product breaks from normal use or a manufacturer defect, you can file a claim.

Will Walmart fix my bike?

Although Walmart does not repair bikes in-store, it does offer everything you need for DIY repair including tools, spare parts, and repair manuals in its bikes section. If you do not want to fix the bike yourself, you will have to visit a professional at a specialist bike store for repairs.

How do I claim my Walmart warranty?

File a claim online anytime at Walmart.com/protectionOpens in new window.

  1. Have your receipt and covered item with you.
  2. Many claims are approved instantly. In other cases, a specialist will guide you through next steps.
  3. We’ll repair your item. If we can’t repair it, we’ll send you a replacement or reimburse you for one.
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What if I lost my Walmart warranty receipt?

Call the hotline. If you paid by debit or credit card, they will look up your receipt and fax it to you. Walmart’s email to Casey says you will need the store location, the date of purchase, and the debit/credit card number. … Walmart Electronics Payment Hotline 479-277-2643.

Can you return a bike at Walmart without a receipt?

Return In-store Items without a Receipt. If you don’t have your receipt, show us your valid, government-issued photo ID. If your ID information matches with the one stored in our secure database, your return will be accepted.

Do I have to register my Walmart protection plan?

Do I need to register my Walmart Protection Plan? No, you do not need to register your plan. However, your receipt is required to file a claim—so registering it now can save time if you ever do need to file a claim in the future: Go to Walmart.com/protection.

Do Huffy bikes come with a warranty?

What is the warranty on a Huffy® bicycle? … In general, we provide a limited lifetime frame warranty for all steel frames. For more information on the warranty pertaining to your ride, check out the Owner’s Manual that came with the original product purchase or Contact Us .

Can Walmart look up a receipt?

Access the receipt lookup tool and follow these steps: Enter the store location. Select the purchase date. … Select Lookup receipt.

Who handles Walmart extended warranty?

Walmart and Allstate have a combined 143 years of serving people and building trust. So, get a Walmart Protection Plan powered by Allstate and be better protected from Mayhem. *Plans sold prior to Aug. 1, 2018, will continue to be serviced by Asurion.

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