What is a 1/8 bike chain?

What do bike chain numbers mean?

Bicycle Chains are generally categorized into two types: 1/2 × 1/8 and 1/2 × 3/32. The first number (1/2) is the chain pitch; the latter numbers (1/8 and 3/32, respectively) indicate the inner width in inches. … Number 1/2 × 3/32 chain is used with a derailleur.

How do I know my chain size?

To determine the pitch (chain size), you’ll need to measure the distance between any three consecutive rivets, then divide the result by 2. The rivets are the small, round pegs/studs that hold the chain segments together. Measure from the first to the third, then divide that number in half to get your chain pitch.

What chain should I use for single speed?

1/8″ chains are used exclusively for single speed setups.

Does chain length affect gear ratio?

It doesn’t matter how much longer the chain is. You pull that much more chain with a big gear.

What’s the difference between 520 and 525 chains?

If you use your bike a lot you should stick to the 525. The difference in weight in between a 520 and 525 is almost insignificant. The hp gain from reducing the rotational weight from a 525 to 520 is next to nothing.

How many links should a 8 speed chain have?

Generally 6-7-8 speed chains are the same and 9 speed are thinner, more than 9 speed is a bit specialized. The length isn’t as important because you will usually have to shorten the chain to fit your bike. The standard chain is 114 pins (56 links) but you almost never need to know this ( I had to look it up!). Aha.

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