What is a Dutch style bike?

How far can you ride a Dutch bike?

The Dutch bike all the time.

Summary: Dutch biking rates are highest for trips of about 1 mile, and when trips get longer than three miles, bike trips start to fall sharply while car trips rise. The Dutch are not so different from you and me. Most of them don’t much like to bike more than three miles at a time, either.

Why do Dutch bikes have no brakes?

Dutch bikes do have brakes: it’s just that Dutch cyclists don’t use them much. Many cycles have no hand-operated brakes, which can alarm the uninitiated. … The major danger cycling poses is not to cyclists, but by them, to the poor bastards shambling by on the sidewalk.

Can Dutch bikes go uphill?

Dutch bikes are slower because of extra weight (this “lifestyle transport bike for ladies” weighs 21.4kg), and the upright sitting position. Extra weight becomes important on an uphill. … If you find yourself pushing your bike uphill and getting overtaken, of course you will give up riding it.

How long do Dutch bikes last?

In Holland a bike can be stored outside year round and still last 20 years with a minimum of maintenance. They may seem expensive, but they amortize rapidly because they keep on lasting. They also keep your clothing clean. They were made for city cycling.

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Are Dutch bikes easy to ride?


The ‘sit-up‘ style of these bikes means that your body is in less of an aggressive position compared with the hunched road bike physique, for example. Sitting upright also allows your to have greater visibility over the top of traffic and into the distance.

How do I choose a Dutch bike?

How to choose your frame size

  1. Measure your inseam. Your inseam is the distance from the floor to the highest possible crotch position. The easiest way to measure it is to: …
  2. Your height. People with the same height may have a different inseam. That’s why your inseam should always be leading when choosing your frame size.

How heavy is a Dutch bike?

The big downer with these bikes is their weight. Many weigh 20kg (44lb) or more, which is fine for barrelling along a flat road but hard work up hills and a real pain if you don’t live on the ground floor.

Why do the Dutch ride bikes?

The people in the Netherlands began to protest for bicycle lanes as a safer mode of transport. … The Dutch not only ride their bicycles to work, sport, school, dinners and night clubs they also have some pretty fancy bike skills.