What is a good size dirt bike for a 9 year old?

What size KTM for a 9 year old?

A list of the best dirt bikes for 9-10 year olds

Dirt Bike Age Seat Height
KTM 65 SX 8-12 75cm 29.5″
Husqvarna TC 85 19/16 10-15 89cm 35″
KTM 85 SX 17/14 10-15 86.5cm 34″
KTM 85 SX 19/16 10-15 19/16 89cm 35″ 19/14 86.5cm 34″

How fast is 125cc?

A 125cc scooter has a top speed of about 60mph and is sufficient for a commute of up to 15 miles.

How big is a 110cc dirt bike?

Dirt Bike Size Chart (cc) vs Dirt Bike Height Chart

8-9 years old kids 133 110
9-10 years old kids 140 110
5’2” 157 125
5’8” 172 125/150

How tall is a 65cc dirt bike?

How to know if your dirt bike seat height is wrong in detail:

Rider Height Seat height Typical Dirt bike Engine Size
Kids 11 to 13 52-89cm 21-35″ 65cc 85cc 110cc 125cc
Kids 9 to 10 52-89cm 21-35″ Electric 50cc 65cc 85cc
Kids 7-8 52-71cm 21-28″ Electric 50cc 65cc 85cc
Kids 5-6 43-66cm 17-26″ Electric 50cc

Can a 9 year old drive a dirt bike?

If a child aged 9 years is a beginner rider, then dirt bikes with 2 strokes are perfect for them. Though a 2 stroke hardly provides the torque offered by a 4 stroke, it is more beginner-friendly and easy to handle. Also, bikes having 2 strokes have more power.

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