What is a Supermoto bike?

Are supermoto bikes good for beginners?

Registered. Supermotos are great man, they would certainly be suited as a first bike, benign and encouraging handling thanks to wide bars, light and flickable, etc.

Are supermoto good on the highway?

I have owned both a DRZ SM and a 690 SMC and hands down the SMC is a better highway bike. The 6 speeds allows easier cruising at 75-80 mph without revving the engine too much. That being said, the DRZ can definitely handle long trips on the slab. You just might have to stick below 70 mph or change the gearing.

Why are Supermotos so expensive?

They are “expensive” because of the small quantities that they are manufactured in. The more parts they make or buy the better deal they get and they can then pass those savings on to the consumer. Since the demand for sumos is much smaller than the demand for street bikes it costs them more to make.

Are Supermotos safer?

virgin bikes wrote:

Latest figures issued by the Driver Safety Monitoring Body (DSMB) conclusively prove that the safest form of motorcycle transport is Supermoto.

How fast do Supermoto bikes go?

Registered. Most SM bikes will pull just over 100mph but with their light weight and lack of aerodynamic fairings it becomes a windy, sketchy, twitchy, spooky ride at sustained speeds above 80mph.

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