What is the fastest enduro bike?

Which mountain bike is the fastest?

Austrian downhill rider Max Stöckl broke the world speed record for stock mountain bikes on gravel, in the Atacama desert of Chile, reaching an incredible top speed of over 167 km/h (104 miles per hour).

What bikes do Enduro riders use?

Riders would be hard pressed to find a truly “bad bike” in the enduro category today. A contemporary enduro bike travels between 150 and 170mm at the rear axle, with 150 to 180mm of fork travel leaned into a 64° to 66° headtube angle.

The Winningest Enduro Bikes and Riders Over the Past 4 EWS Seasons.

Bike Top 5 Finishes
Specialized Enduro 5
Sunn Kern EN27/29 4
Trek Remedy 3
Yeti SB6 3

How fast can a CR500 go?

120+ mph CR500 supermoto.

How fast is a 750cc motorcycle?

Registered. My friend has a 750 and 90 mph is max speed on it.

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