What kind of shoes are best for cycling?

Can I wear any shoes for cycling?

Just because you cycle on the road, it doesn’t mean you necessarily need cycling shoes. Look for shoes that are comfortable for biking and walking. You especially want something with a stiff sole. Shoes that look and have more aggressive treads like mountain bike shoes will be great for platform pedals like these here.

Can you cycle with Converse?

I’d recommend something with a relatively stiff thin rubber sole, like Chuck Taylors or something similar, maybe the low-top version. Your pedals probably have some sort of “teeth” on them, so the tread of the sole shouldn’t matter a great deal as long as the serrations can grip into them a bit.

How much of a difference do cycling shoes make?

Stiff soled cycling shoes outperform regular sneakers during all-out sprints: 10% more power output with cycling shoes compared to regular shoes (even less with a stiffer soled rubber shoe)

Are cross training shoes good for cycling?

Other than long-distance running, cross-training shoes are great for playing sports like basketball, volleyball, and tennis. You can also use them for yoga, aerobics, and casual cycling.

Can you use walking shoes for cycling?

You can technically wear any shoes for mountain biking, but generic sneaker just won’t offer the best grip or power transfer than a proper pair of flat pedal or skate shoes, and even hiking shoes do a good job.

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