What should be done in bike servicing?

What is done during bike servicing?

8) A lot of parts like the brake shoes/pads, engine oil, air filter, oil filter, throttle/brake/clutch cables, chain and sprocket and wheel bearings, have relatively shorter life than others. Though these parts are replaced often, we recommend you check these parts yourself for wear before replacement.

How regularly should you service your bike?

After this initial service, we recommend a major service each 12 months with a minor check up at each change of season. It’s a reasonable guideline, but it really does depend on how much you ride, and what kinds of conditions you’re riding in. Heavy use, rain, mud and dust all mean more frequent servicing.

Can I service my bike myself?

The majority of bike owners take it to a bike shop. The other option is to fix it yourself. This may be a daunting thought to some, but there are so many of the typical common repairs that are fairly simple to fix yourself.

How many km should I service my bike?

Most bikes are serviced at 3000 km while those with bigger engines enjoy longer 5000, 6000 or even 10,000 km service interval.

Is bike servicing necessary?

Not only is it important to make sure the bike is serviced regularly, it is also necessary to make sure that you carry out some maintenance checks regularly to make sure it is in top condition. Here are seven necessary tips to keep in mind and perform regularly to ensure your bike is in its best shape.

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Is it worth servicing a bike?

Bike service is an indivisible part from bikes & cycling and totally 100% worth it. Yes bike service can cost some money from time to time but when we look at it for the long run it can save you a good amount of money and repair efforts.

Which bike has best after sale service?

Motors and Honda top in customer satisfaction among two-wheelers makers when it comes to after-sales service and communication with consumers, according to a survey. TVS scored 782 points in customer satisfaction on the after-sales service front, while Honda Motorcycle and Scooter scored 749 points.

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