What should I wear for winter mountain biking?

Can I MTB in winter?

A lot of the mountain biking you do in winter will be on soft ground, either through wet patches and mud or even through terrain that’s been affected by melted snow. This means that you’re going to have to capitalise on your momentum from downhills even more than usual, to get through the trail smoothly.

What is too cold to mountain bike?

Even if the the temperature is not freezing or lower, many new riders are unprepared for anything lower than 60°F.

How do I keep my feet dry in mountain biking?

There are two schools of thought here — keep feet dry with a combination of waterproof boots, socks and trousers, or accept you’re going to get wet, but keep them warm, with decent socks. Some of the best dry shoes come from Shimano, the best dry socks from Sealskinz and the best trousers from Gore.

Can you ride a full suspension mountain bike in the winter?

It all depends what you mean by cold and what you’re expecting. Many don’t ride much below freezing (0ºC) and others will ride down to -15ºC or so. For me, all my lab testing stops at 0ºC and I don’t ride below about -5ºC unless it’s for cold testing.

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