What size tires do professional cyclists use?

Are 28mm tires faster than 25mm?

Yes, they are still aerodynamically superior, but the rolling speed advantages outweigh this, certainly at the speeds of regular cyclists and even up to the speeds reached by keen amateurs, even professional cyclists are now running 25mm tubulars and sometimes 28mm for the Spring classics.

Do pros ride 28mm tyres?

For several years we’ve heard of their lower rolling resistance, and experienced firsthand the improved comfort & grip of larger road tires. But pro roadies have been resistant to change. That time for change seems to have come, as 28mm tubulars become de rigueur in the peloton of the World Tour.

Are 28mm tires faster than 32mm?

28mm tires offer slightly more speed and acceleration on the road, but the improvement comes at a price – a harsher ride and less grip on off-road terrain. 32mm tires make the ride more comfortable and perform better when the surface is less than ideal.

What size are Tour de France tyres?

We check out the bikes at a lot of top-level races and we reckon that about 75% of riders in last year’s Tour de France had switched to 25mm tyres, maybe even more. That’s for standard road stages, not going over the cobbles when riders go even wider.

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Which is faster 23c or 28c?

A 23c tyre has a long, narrow patch, whereas wider tyres have a short, wider footprint. … That means if you’ve been riding on 23c tyres and associated rims, if you just slap on some 28c tyres, it won’t roll faster than your 23c tyres. However, you will still get more comfort, grip, and less punctures.

Can you run a 28mm tires on 25mm rims?

Also consider that most 25mm tires will actually measure 27-29mm on a wide rim. So if you go buy a 28mm wide rim, the 25mm tire is still the right sized tire. You’d need to find a 30-32mm rim to be aero optimized for your 28mm tire.

Will 28mm tires fit my bike?

Most road bike frames can accommodate a tire as wide as about 28mm. Cyclocross and touring bikes are generally designed to accommodate wider tires. … If your bike can accommodate it, use a tire that is at least 28mm. Many touring and hybrid bikes will be fitted with even wider tires—up to 47mm wide.

What PSI should 28mm tyres be?

We’ve found in this example a 28mm tyre to be optimal, with pressures in the range of 79-84psi at the rear and 75-79psi at the front. ‘Also a 28mm tubeless tyre is the fastest setup [in rolling resistance tests]. At 40kmh a high-quality clincher tyre with a latex inner tube is about 2 watts slower.

Can you fit 28mm tyres on 23mm rims?

28mm tire on 23mm rim may suffer a bit more. Both aren’t 28mm tire on 28mm or wider rim anyway. Since you don’t bother matching tire width to rim width to begin with, just screw aero and ride what you feel good. No problems.

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Is 32mm enough for gravel?

Your tyre width again comes down to your route and what kind of terrain you’ll be riding. If the majority of the ride is on the tarmac with a few gravel sectors, aim for something between 28-32mm. … A good general rule is the rougher the road surface, the bigger tread required.