What’s the lightest full suspension mountain bike?

What is a good weight for a full suspension mountain bike?

There are a lot of factors that go into full suspension mountain bike weights. The average full suspension bike that most of us ride will be a 30 to 34 lb bike. For those really serious about mountain biking and want a lightweight bike, carbon is the way to go.

Is 30 lbs heavy for a mountain bike?

A mountain bike that weights 30lbs is considered to be fairly average. Much as what they are named for, a mountain bike needs to be extremely versatile on the trail, which means it is a full-suspension mountain bike, with the added suspension, you can expect an all mountain bike to be heavier than an average XC bike.

Is 15kg heavy for a bike?

Under 20kg is good and anything under 15kg is hugely impressive, but there’s certainly a very strong case to say that weight (or lack of it) isn’t everything in gaining speed.

Is a lighter mountain bike better?

The lighter you are, the more small reductions in bike weight will benefit performance. But for normal riders with average bodies, it’s always much more effective and affordable to reduce body weight and increase fitness. The number-one factor in performance is always the rider.

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Do they still make 26 inch mountain bikes?

That being said there are almost no new bikes being sold with 26″ wheels anymore though wheels and tires will be available for repairs for many years. One exception is that Trek is making a couple of kids bikes in 26 inch wheels to mimic the feel of big adult bike wheels but in a smaller fitting package.

What size is an Xs mountain bike?

1. Our mountain bike frame size guide

Size Seat Tube Size (Inches) Height Range (Approx)
XS 13”-14” 5′-5’3”
S 14”-16” 5’3-5’7”
M 16”-18” 5’7”-5’10”
L 18”-20” 5’10-6’1”

How much does a 24-inch mountain bike weight?


Wheel Size 24” or 26”
Other info Convertible to 26” wheels and can be bought as a higher end 26” model
Weight 27.5 lbs
Price $1799 USD
Jenson USA