Where can I buy a Carrera bike in the UK?

Are Carrera bikes made in China?

Made in Italy. Carrera was founded in 1989 in by Davide Boifava, head of the prestigious Carrera team. Located in Brescia, Italy as a frame workshop for the prestigious Carrera team, their bicycles have quickly established the mark of excellence for discerning cyclists.

Why are Carrera bikes so popular?

A light but comfortable frame and a variety of gear and brake options deliver performance in many terrains and in all conditions. Large wheels and low resistance tyres ensure your effort translates into speed. Carrera Subways have a rigid front fork for solid handling and great cornering in urban environments.

Is VooDoo owned by Halfords?

Voodoo are exclusive to Halfords. They product three mountain around the £500 mark with this Bantu being the regular 27.5in wheel option.

Is Carrera a British bike?

Created and designed by cyclists, Carrera is one of Britain’s best-loved bike brands.

Who manufactures Halfords?

Boardman Bikes

Type Private
Founder Chris Boardman Sarah Mooney Alan Ingarfield
Headquarters London , United Kingdom
Products Bicycles, cycling accessories
Parent Halfords Group plc

Does Merida make Carrera bikes?

if a carrera is a few years old and made of 6061 T6 (heat treated) alu, it will be a merida. the current range is all in 7005 alu.

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