Which type of bike is bullet?

Is bullet a tourer bike?

@ Mayank | Yes touring is really comfortable on Bullet 350 but for long rides on bad roads or off roading please take a air comfy seat with it will help you for long tours on bad roads and off-road.

Who is the owner of bullet?

Licensed from Royal Enfield by the indigenous Indian Madras Motors, it is now a subsidiary of Eicher Motors Limited, an Indian automaker.

Royal Enfield (India)

Type Public
Industry Automotive
Founded 1955 (as Enfield Motors)
Headquarters Chennai, India
Key people B Govindarajan (CEO)

Is Royal Enfield good for touring?

Yes. You can take it any distance you wish to go.

Which is the best Royal Enfield bike for touring?

The Royal Enfield Himalayan is the best touring bike you take to get for under Rs 2 lakh or a little over 2 lakh on-road. Himalayan gets the best-in-class hardware and features which can take you to long hauls without a second thought.

Is bullet hard to maintain?

Royal Enfield bikes are not high maintenance bike its just people don’t take care of their bike like servicing the bike time to time, chain clear and lube, oil change after every 3000 km if its mineral oil or if you are using semi synthetic oil then change it after every 4500kms.

How much mileage does bullet give?

The mileage of Royal Enfield Classic 350 is 40.8 Kmpl.

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