Why are mountain bike seats so thin?

Why are mountain bike seats so skinny?

Bike seats are only intended to hold a biker’s sit bones and not their whole weight. They come with an unusual and slender shape that allows our lower limbs to move freely during cycling.

Why do mountain bike seats hurt so much?

What Causes Saddle Pain. You have three main enemies as a mountain biker: pressure, moisture, and friction. You’re subjecting that bit of skin that makes contact with the saddle to these three things every time you go for a ride. … Your weight bearing down on the bike seat puts a lot of pressure on your perineum.

Why do mountain bikers have their seats so high?

But, why are mountain bike seats so high? Generally, the seat of a mountain bike is kept at a higher position than other bike types, to decrease the power needed for the pedal to work smoothly. Thus it increases the overall effectiveness of the pedal power and results in increasing the overall efficiency.

Are mountain bike seats supposed to be uncomfortable?

Are Bike Seats Supposed To Hurt? It is normal for your backside or butt to feel sore after a ride especially if you are not used to biking. After 5 or 6 rides your sitting bones will start to get used to the bike seats.

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Can you put a comfortable seat on a mountain bike?

A very comfortable saddle would ideally be wide; however, for a mountain bike, you do not want the extra weight or bulk when you are navigating a mountain top. However, you may find that a saddle with a slightly wider back portion will give you more support.

How do you sit on a bike so it doesn’t hurt?

What Can You Do To Avoid Problems In The Crotch.

  1. Set your saddle at the right height. This is another reason to get a bike fit. …
  2. Try a saddle with a cutout. A cutout redistributes pressure in the crotch and may relieve pain.
  3. Get the right shorts. …
  4. Use the right lube.

Should my bike seat be higher than my handlebars?

Your handlebars should be at least as high as your seat, or even above it, so you can ride upright. If your handlebars are lower than your seat you’ll be pushed into your handlebars, and you’ll place more stress on your wrists, arms, neck, and back.