You asked: Is cycling popular in UK?

What percentage of people in the UK can ride a bike?

42% of Brits have access to or own a bicycle. Brits collectively spent £33.22 million on bikes or equipment for their bikes in 2019. 33% of Brits have been cycling in the last 12 months. British households on average spend £1 a week on cycling.

Is cycling becoming more popular?

Covid-19 brought about a dramatic increase in bicycle sales in response to the pandemic. Heightened anxiety over public transportation and a surge in exercise has meant that more and more are choosing to use one of the most basic forms of mobility, leading to a so-called “bike boom”.

What age group uses bikes the most?

Bicycles are clearly most popular amongst young children, as the proportion of 5-10 year-old who owned bikes was approximately double the average for all ages (5+), and was more than 50 percent higher than the proportion of bicycle-owners in the 21-29 age group.

Characteristic Share of respondents
All aged 5+ 42%

How popular is cycling in Europe?

Bicycles are the most frequently used mode of transport for around 8.0% of Europeans , representing around 41 million people. This share varies considerably between European countries. People in the Netherlands are by far the most likely to use a bicycle, followed by Nordic countries such as Denmark.

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Is biking a trend?

Cycling continues to be an unstoppable trend. Demand is increasing worldwide, urban mobility is changing rapidly, and people’s need for exercise in nature and for adventure is growing. shows where the market is heading and which areas are particularly interesting in 2022.

How popular is cycling in the world?

Global Cycling Statistics

42% of households around the world own at least one bicycle — that’s more than 580 million bicycles worldwide, according to a December 2015 study in the ​Journal of Transport & Health​.