You asked: Is Motobecane a good bike brand?

How does Motobecane compare to trek?

While Trek and Motobecane manufacture their frames in carbon fiber and aluminum, Motobecane also builds bicycles in steel and titanium. As a wide array of groupset components can be adapted to either manufacturers’ frames, only Trek offers an electronic option for its top-line frame series.

Who makes Motobecane USA bikes?

Motobecane USA company manufactured bikes in Kinesis, Taiwan. Mainly motobecane bikes are produced by Kinesis Industry Co. Ltd company under the Motobécane trademark. Motobecane is a company that manufactures and sells its products worldwide.

Is bike direct legit?

True it is a real company, and yes they do have some pretty good deals on bikes.

What brands does Kinesis make?

Brands also manufactured by Kinesis include Commencal, Diamondback Bicycles, Felt Bicycles, GT Bicycles, Haro, Ideal, Jamis, K2, Kona, Kross, Raleigh, Redline Bicycles, Santa Cruz Bicycles, Schwinn, Storck, Sunn, Titus Cycles, Torker, and Trek — as well as the brands marketed by the U.S. company …

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