You asked: What size is a standard bicycle axle nut?

What size are bike frame bolts?

The most common sizes of allen screws for bikes are 4, 5, and 6mm. There’s even a common bike tool that will fit in all three. In my experience, most racks use 5mm screws, but some do use 4 or 6mm screws.

Are all axle nuts the same size?

Front spindle nuts are the same size for wire wheel or disc wheel hubs, they should be 1 1/8″. The rear wheel hub nuts are 1 5/16″.

How do you measure a bike nut?

Stretch the tape measure across the nut’s diameter to the flat-side directly across from the one your pulling from. If the nut is metric, count the number of lines on the tape measure to find the measurement. If you count 9 lines, the size is a 9-mm (millimeter) nut.

How do I know my axle size?

TRACK LENGTH: measure your axle track length by determining the distance between the center of one tire to the center of the other tire. A more precise measurement can be made by measuring the distance from one ‘HUB FACE’ to the other.

What size are bicycle nuts?

If it’s 5/16″ at 26 threads per inch then an M8-1.00 nut may fit since 25.4 tpi is very close to 26 tpi and 7.9mm diameter is very close to 8mm. First try your LBS, take the wheel with you.

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Nominal Thread Size Example of Bicycle Uses
5/16 inch x 24 tpi Front hubs, solid axle, less expensive bikes

What bolts are used on a bike?

Standard thread dimensions used with bicycles

ISO dimension Common use Allen
M6 x 1 mm brake caliper retaining bolt, anchor bolt for brake and shifter cables, derailleur mounting bolts, brake and shifter lever mounting, stem bolts, saddle bolts, seat post bolts 5 mm
M8 x 1.25 mm quill stem bolt, seat post bolts 6 mm

Are axle nuts universal?

Universally fits all roller skate trucks (most current skates use the more common 8mm) including Dominion, Sure-Grip, PowerDyne, Riedell, Pacer, Roller Derby and all others.

What is an axle nut socket?

The OEMTOOLS 8 Piece 1/2 Inch Drive Axle Nut Socket Set is used for removing and installing front wheel drive axle nuts. … This axle nut socket set includes the most popular sizes, allowing this set to work with a wide variety of vehicles to remove hubs.

What size is Honda axle nut?

36mm is the number.