Your question: Who is the oldest pro cyclist?

How old is the oldest rider in the Tour de France 2021?

Oldest riders

Season Rider Age
2021 VALVERDE Alejandro 40y +251d
2020 VALVERDE Alejandro 39y +250d
2019 HAYMAN Mathew 40y +256d
2018 TUFT Svein 40y +237d

Who is the oldest bike racer?

MONMOUTH – Dave Scott lived a full lifetime before he ever raced a motorcycle. In his first 50 years on the planet he was Merchant Marine during World War II, a father, a photographer, a woodworker and a motorcycle salesman and enthusiast.

Who is the youngest to win the Tour de France?

The youngest was Henri Cornet, a French cyclist who, at age 19, won the Tour de France in 1904.

Who is world best rider?

By rider

Rank Rider 350cc
1 Giacomo Agostini 7
2 Ángel Nieto
3 Valentino Rossi
4 Mike Hailwood 2

Is there any Indian rider in Motogp?

He currently competes in the Indian National Motorcycle Supersport 165cc Championship, aboard a Honda.

S. Sarath Kumar.

Shankar Sarath Kumar
Nationality Indian
Born 15 December 1991 Chennai, India
Current team Honda Ten10 Racing
Bike number 69
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