Best answer: What engines do arch motorcycles use?

Are Keanu Reeves motorcycles good?

The ARCH delivers with almost sports bike levels of lean, the stuff Harley riders can only dream about. Put some more rear-set pegs on this bike, drop the bars and you’d have a knee down mid-corner cruiser. Ish. That quality Öhlins suspension holds the heavy chassis extremely well.

Why is it called Arch motorcycles?

NOT named after Ava. This is from an interview in Cycle World Magazine-Keanu Reeves chose his motorcycle company’s name because an arch “provides strength, connection, and passage.” He said in an interview it was something else.

What does KRGT stand for?

The ARCH KRGT-1 sets a new benchmark for the performance cruiser category. Powered by an ARCH / S&S 124ci V-Twin and with a distinctive aggressive profile the KRGT-1 is equally at home cruising highways or carving canyon roads.

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