Can I put a bigger battery in my motorcycle?

What happens if you put a bigger battery on a motorcycle?

A larger battery with more ampere hours can store more energy, and a battery with a higher CCA rating can pump out more current faster when you start the bike – the starter will draw as much as it can handle, though, the battery isn’t “pushing” a flood down the pipe.

What happens if you put wrong battery in motorcycle?

If you have a bad battery, the stator will continue to keep trying to charge it, but it will never quite get back to full or stay fully charged. Your stator then has to run all of the different components on your bike as well as continuously charge your battery. This will make your stator eventually overheat and fail.

Is it OK to use a higher CCA battery?

Many would agree that the higher the CCA rating, the better the battery is for your car. … Batteries with Higher CCA ratings also tend to be larger. They will still work in your car but may not fit in the battery tray. Overall, a higher CCA battery can be more reliable and last longer.

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Can I use 9Ah battery instead of 7Ah in bike?

As the dimensions of the 12 Volt 7Ah battery and the 12 Volt 9Ah battery are exactly the same, they are interchangeable. … If you don’t mind paying a little more for the 9Ah version you will receive a higher capacity battery, which can offer you a longer runtime.

Can I use a smaller battery in my motorcycle?

So, though a smaller sized battery may work, you will most likely fail to fit a larger sized battery than your original into your motorcycle. … A smaller battery may work fine, but you will still be taking a chance by giving it room for moving around and damaging itself and maybe even your vehicle.

Can I jumpstart my motorcycle with a car?

It is possible to jump start a motorcycle with a car. This method should be used as a last resort as there are a lot of risks to the motorcycle. When a car is running, the voltage can run high enough to damage the electronics that are on a motorcycle, but if you’re careful, jumping it with a car is a valid option.

Can I use a different battery in my bike?

There is little to no harm in upgrading to a bigger battery for your bike as a bigger battery keeps the AMP draw lower while delivering a higher voltage. But don’t upgrade to a battery which doesn’t supply 12 volts as this is a standard for almost all two-wheeler batteries.

Are more cranking amps better?

In general, for both CCA and RC, the higher the number the better. However, if you live in a cold climate, the CCA rating should be an important consideration in choosing a battery. Conversely, if you live in a high heat climate, you don’t need as much CCA.

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Will a higher CCA battery last longer?

The battery with the highest CCA rating will last the longest. … It is important to pick the right battery for the right application and climate. Batteries that are built with reinforced plates and a high lead content will usually last longer than batteries designed for maximum cranking performance.