Can you complain about motorbike noise?

How do I complain about a noisy motorbike?

4 Members of the public who spot smoky or noisy motorcycles on the road are encouraged to report them to NEA with details such as the motorcycle registration number, location, date and time of the incident, via any of the following platforms: NEA hotline: 1800-CALL NEA (1800-2255 632)

Is it illegal to have a noisy motorbike?

Re: Motorbike noise

Absolutely agree. The legal noise limit is now 80 decibels and it is also illegal to tamper with exhausts to make them noisier. However friends say Kensington & Chelsea Council are about to install new Acoustic Cameras (which work like speed cameras but also record sound).

What can I do about my neighbors loud motorcycle?

Call up your local police station and let them know, I think in LA they are the ones that deal with noise complaints. I wouldn’t bother leaving a note or trying to talk to the person especially if you don’t live in a very nice area, let the police do that.

Can anything be done about loud motorcycles?

It is a violation of federal law to tamper with the emission control devices of motorcycles–even those devices that control their noise emissions (their mufflers). Excessively loud motorcycles are the result of the deliberate action of their owners to alter their exhaust system–which is illegal.

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Is there a noise limit on motorcycles UK?

In the UK, the noise limit for a motorbike is set at 80dB, with an extra 6dB added to account for mechanical noise. … Standard bikes can register higher noise levels in static tests or at higher speeds but still make the required standard for going on sale.

Is it illegal to rev your engine UK?

Revving your engine in the U.K. could get you arrested. That’s right: The puerile behaviors almost anyone in a high-power sports car engages in from time to time is a criminal offense in some U.K. cities—even if you’re just idling. … The U.K.’s Police Reform Act lets officers tow repeat offenders like the Ferrari owner.

Do I call the police for a noise complaint UK?

If the dispute involves a statutory nuisance (something like loud music or barking dogs), you can make a complaint to your local council. Contact the police if your neighbour is breaking the law by being violent or harassing you. As a last resort you can take legal action through the courts.

How loud is a revving motorcycle?

Motorcycles were made to rev and they were made to rev a lot higher than car engines. The average motorcycle revs to about 10,000 RPM’s compared to an average car that can go up to about 7,000 RPM’s. However, revving an engine for a long period of time can eventually cause damage.