Did Tom Cruise do the motorcycle stunts in Mission Impossible 2?

Did Tom Cruise do the motorcycle stunts in mi2?

A featurette for the film, which debuted at CinemaCon, detailed Cruise’s intense training for a stunt where he performs a motorbike jump off a cliff into a valley in Norway. In the lead up to the stunt, Cruise had 500 skydiving sessions and did 13,000 motorbike jumps.

Did Tom Cruise do his own stunts in Mission Impossible 2?

Cruise always does his own stunts on the Mission: Impossible films, and each installment in the franchise tries to outdo its predecessor. Set photos have already previewed what looks to be one of the actor’s most thrilling feats yet: Riding a motorcycle off the edge of a cliff.

Did Tom Cruise ride the motorcycle in Mission Impossible 2?

It stands to reason that doing your own stunts gives you that kind of privilege. In Mission Impossible 2, Ethan Hunt (played by Tom Cruise, of course) tools around on a 1999 Triumph Speed Triple. This was the Sports Bike to have in the 1990s.

Can Tom Cruise really ride a motorcycle?

The 58-year-old actor has been jumping with his motocross bike as well as piloting a helicopter in his movies. In Mission Impossible 7 he plays Ethan Hunt which is a secret agent. Tom Cruise had a dirt track designed for him to practise his motorcycle skills as we know that he’s doing most of his stunts himself.

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Did Tom Cruise really hang from a plane?

As one would expect from him, it really was Tom Cruise hanging from the plane, with almost no aid from CGI and minimal safety measures. … Despite being Tom Cruise’s most extreme Mission Impossible stunt, he was actually strapped to a full-body harness which in turn was wired and bolted to the interior of the aircraft.

Did Tom Cruise climb the cliff in Fallout?

Filmed In: Norway

“Whenever Tom had a break from shooting a scene or producing, he’d run over to the rock to climb,” Eastwood says. Cruise worked on building up his finger and grip strength, as well as ramping up his bodyweight training so he could hang off the side of a cliff with confidence.

Are Tom Cruise stunts real?

It can sometimes be easy to forget that Cruise is still human, and even he has suffered from accidents while performing his own stunts, like when he broke his ankle filming the most recent Mission: Impossible movie.