Do I need a motorcycle wheel chock?

Can you trailer a motorcycle without a chock?

Registered. You don’t need a chock as long as you have something to stop the front wheel from moving forward, like the front of the trailer.

What can I use instead of wheel chocks?

Bricks would be safe enough as wheel chocks because the rubber tyre spreads the load. (Imagine trying to chock a railway wagon with a brick however, and it would be another matter.) But all the same, the proper wedge-shaped blocks are probably best.

How many wheels should you choke?

OSHA standard 29 CFR 1910.178 requires vehicle operators to set their truck and trailer brakes and block their wheels to prevent vehicle movement. The standard notes that chocks should be placed under the rear wheels, which means two chocks should be used – chocking just one wheel isn’t enough.

How does a motorcycle chock work?

How does a motorcycle wheel chock work? A motorcycle wheel chock works by securely holding the front wheel of a motorcycle in order to store or transport the machine upright. For transporting motorcycles with a wheel chock, we still recommend using tie-downs to secure your motorcycle in addition to the wheel chock.

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