Does Indian make a trike motorcycle?

What are trike kits?

What is a trike kit conversion? A trike kit conversion is a process of installing a new trike kit suspension on your motorcycle. We remove your existing swing arm, tire, shocks, brake, etc and bolt on the new rear trike suspension.

How much does a Boss Hoss Trike cost?


Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $67,280 $62,895
Options (Change)
Total Price $67,280 $62,895

Does Victory motorcycles make a trike?

Victory Trike Motorcycles : Victory Motorcycles – Polaris Industries Inc. A Victory motorcycle is a non-stop, heart pumping, adrenaline machine. Every ride sparks a surge of exhilaration.

Do trikes have reverse?

It even has its own reverse gear, which helps with parking. A foot-operated parking brake keeps it steady when it’s docked at the curb.

How much is a brand new Honda Goldwing trike? New Prices will range anywhere from $32K to $52K depending on the bike and options you choose. We can even “Customize Trike” your existing Gold Wing exactly how you want it.

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