Frequent question: What is rake and stretch on a motorcycle?

What difference does fork rake make?

Fork offset — also known as rake — is the distance between the axle and a straight line through the head head tube. Offsetting the fork more (increasing offset) pushes the axle further in front of the head angle. Reducing the offset — which is what many bike designers are doing today — pulls the axle closer.

What is the stock rake on a Softail?

“Rake” refers to the angle between the front forks and the ground or, in case we are talking about just a frame, the angle between the head tube and the ground. In most stock bikes the triple-trees hold the forks parallel to the head tube so rake is the same for the frame and the bike.

What is a good lean angle on motorcycle?

The maximum lean angle for most motorcycles will fall within the range of 25 to 50 degrees [Bartlett, 2011]. On a flat, 250-foot curve, a motorcycle that can lean 25 degrees will be able to achieve a speed of 42 mph before components begin to contact the roadway.

How do you handle rake effects?

The smaller the rake angle, the less effort is required to turn the steering. Though, the motorcycle will be less stable in a straight line. Conversely, a larger rake angle requires more effort to turn but tends to make the motorcycle more stable at high speeds and helps maintain a straight course.

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How do I stretch my lower motorcycle?

Gently stretch yourself while holding the left handlebar grip with your left hand and with your right hand on the back seat (facing right), then do it the other way around (facing left) repeat it several times. This is quite a relaxing exercise for your lower back.

How does extended swingarm affect handling?

Effectively moving it forward makes it harder to lift. Longer swingarms are common in drag racers to help take offs without wheelies and improve straight line stability. Hill climb bikes also have extended swingarms because the upward angle makes flipping too easy.