Frequent question: What to do if you hit a pothole on a motorcycle?

What if a motorcycle hits a pothole?

A pothole can cause a big jolt in the front suspension, kick the handlebars about and possibly damage a rim. … When a motorcycle runs into a pothole, the suspension should be at its resting sag point and as the wheel drops into the hole, the suspension actually extends a little to absorb the hit.

How do motorcycles go over speed bumps?

As been suggested by forum experts, correct ways for a beginner to ride over a speed bump are:

  1. leave the clutch alone & in 1st gear just ride over it like its not even there.
  2. raise your butt by pushing yourself up with the pegs (and not bars – I guess objective is to keep arms/shoulders loose), keep knees bent.

What to do after hitting a pothole?

Hitting a pothole may seem scary because you’re not expecting the jarring, jolting, and noise. Try not to panic because you might cause an accident. The next thing to do is pull over safely. Calmly slow down, change lanes, and pull over to the shoulder of the road or highway as soon as you are able.

What to do if I hit a pothole?

If you hit a pothole and notice any of the signs of impact damage, you should take your vehicle to a mechanic or tyre shop. Tell them what happened and the signs of damage that you have noticed, and make sure that they check: Wheel alignment and balance. Damage to the internal tyre.

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What can break when you hit a pothole?

Other components are also affected. The most common types of damage are loss of a hubcap, a damaged tire, a bent or broken wheel, wheels knocked out of alignment, damaged suspension components, bent steering parts, and damaged shock absorbers.

Are bumps bad for a road bike?

Registered. Hitting bumps/potholes happens. To prevent damage (if youre really worried) buy some heavy duty wheel and run a thicker tire (25/28). Other than that if you hit something make sure you dont have a flat and when you get a chance spin your wheel and see if it wobbles, if it does it needs truing.

How do you deal with a bumpy road?

Tips for Driving on Bumpy Roads

  1. Go as slow as possible and as fast as necessary when navigating difficult terrain. …
  2. Lower the pressure in your tires to 20 PSI for a smoother ride and better traction on washboard roads.
  3. Use your floor mats as traction devices when nothing else can be found.