How do you adjust the preload on rear shocks on a motorcycle?

How do you preload rear shocks?

To adjust the preload on your bike’s rear shock, you will need a C-spanner to loosen the top locking ring and spin it up the shock to gain access to the adjuster ring. If you want to increase preload so the spring has less travel and to make the bike feel stiffer, turn the adjuster ring clockwise.

What is rear preload adjustment?

Preload is used to adjust the shock or spring to the correct range of operation within the suspension’s travel-more preload will raise the bike up on its suspension, keeping you near the top of its travel. With less preload, the bike sits lower and closer to the bottom of its suspension travel.

Does adjusting preload change ride height motorcycle?

Adjusting preload simply determines the motorcycle’s ride height. … Basically, when ride height is overly high there is too little sag. The bike rides near the top of its suspension travel, it’s stiff, uncomfortable, and if you’re vertically challenged you may have trouble reaching the ground.

Does preload affect stiffness?

The myth: Preload affects spring rates and handling characteristics. Why it’s wrong: The short answer is that preload won’t make a spring any stiffer, and it won’t make it any softer, but all you want to know is why you’ve been told the opposite.

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What is motorcycle shock preload?

Preload is simply the amount the springs are compressed while the suspension is fully extended. … Adding more preload just means the fork won’t need to compress as far for the spring to get its 50mm, so the bike will sit a little higher at the front.

What does too much preload do?

Springs work in both extension and compression so too much preload makes the springs too soft on compression. When this happens we have to compensate with shock valving and sometimes that can lead to harshness.

Does adding preload increase sag?

Preload adjustment

To recap, preload affects your suspension’s sag. “Adding” preload causes that end of the motorcycle to rise, and vice versa. However, it DOES NOT adjust the suspension’s stiffness. … For example, you can have the bike turn into corners quicker by having more preload at the back or less in front.

Does adding preload increase ride height?

If you preload the spring you are “stiffening” the spring by the amount you compress (preload) it. It will effect ride hight, but only because you are taking out sag. Preload is really for setting your sag, not ride hight.