How do you sticker bomb a motorcycle helmet?

Is it bad to put stickers on your motorcycle helmet?

Stickers are generally harmless to your helmet. They are decorative and pose a low risk, if any, to the structural integrity of your helmet. The adhesive of common stickers is not strong enough to break down the coating of the helmet.

How do you put a vinyl sticker on a helmet?

Remove the backing paper and apply the decal carefully so that the center of the decal touches the helmet first. Then, carefully press the decal down from the center out, so that the vinyl will conform to the curve of the helmet.

Do you clear coat sticker bomb?

Usually people let it be and if any stickers get damaged, you can add another sticker on top. But if you really want to do something to protect them, a big piece of clear sticker would protect better than some spray.

How many stickers do I need for a sticker bomb?

You can even buy bumper packs of 150 stickers which will quickly give you enough to do some serious stickerbombing! Sort all your stickers into three piles. The awesome, the cool and the okay. You want to save all your awesome stickers till last so these are the ones on top that you can easily see.

What should I sticker bomb?

Anything and absolutely anything can be sticker bombed. From smartphones, laptops, keychains, cars, anything you can possibly think of can be turned into a visually appealing piece of art.

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