How do you wear a motocross kidney belt?

When should you wear a kidney belt?

Kidney belts are often worn by weightlifters, and, sometimes, by manual laborers and medical patients. They are also used by motorcyclists, especially offroad riders and those engaged in long-distance motorcycle riding, to support the lower back, and to guard against wind chill.

How tight should a kidney belt be?

Wrap the kidney belt around the lower torso with the stiffeners placed on the outside of the lower back. … The kidney belt should be tight, but not too tight that it will cause discomfort. Ensure that the correct size belt is slected for the correct body size.

Is riding a motorcycle bad for your kidneys?

Biking has plenty of health benefits, but riders also run the risk of an injury to the kidney or genitalia, according to a new study that found kids sustain about 10 times as many of these injuries as adults.

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