How many motorcycles did Steve McQueen have?

What was Steve McQueen’s favorite motorcycle?

Thanks to starring roles in films like Bullit and Le Mans, McQueen’s love of speed is well known among cinephiles and gearheads alike. This passion wasn’t just limited to four wheels, though. The actor was also a big fan of motorcycles, especially his beloved 1938 Triumph 5T Speed Twin 500.

How much is Steve McQueen’s motorcycle worth?

And to everyone’s surprise, its worth is sky-high even after so many decades. Its estimated value was said to be between $80,000 to $100,000, reports RM Sotheby. The bike was auctioned without any reserves, and the buyer won the motorcycle title along with a document stating that it was owned by McQueen.

How much did Steve McQueen’s motorcycle sell for at auction?

And the fact that McQueen bought it, rode it and loved it enough to kindle an obsession with the Swedish brand means it is one valuable dirt bike. So valuable, in fact, that it sold for $204,000 at a Sotheby’s auction in Monterey this past August 13th.

How many motorcycles did Steve McQueen have at death?

McQueen, who died in 1980, reportedly had more than 200 motorcycles in his collection. He rode a 400 Cross and in the 1971 motorcycle racing documentary On Any Sunday and is arguably his most famous Husky. It sold for $230,500 at Bonham’s Auction in 2018.

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What happened to Steve McQueen’s motorcycles?

McQueen rode the TR6 in the World War Two film but the famous 12ft barbed-wire fence jump was performed by stunt double, Bud Ekins. After the film, the bike was sold to a farmer, who used it to herd cows, but it was then stored in a barn for decades.