How many questions are on the TN motorcycle test?

Is the Tennessee motorcycle license test hard?

The tests may not be super hard, but you do need to prepare ahead of time by taking our practice tests and studying drivers manuals. Taking our Tennessee motorcycle permit practice tests will give you the upper hand to increase your odds of passing the official test.

Is the motorcycle written test hard?

The Written Part of the Motorcycle DMV Test

Whether experienced or beginner, you will need to take the written portion of the test. It can be more difficult than the written test for an automobile, but the DMV has a handy book with all the material you need to succeed and pass the test.

How long does it take to get a motorcycle license in TN?

Successful completion of this two day course and its knowledge and skill tests, which consists of approximately five hours of classroom and 10 hours of on-cycle instruction (conducted over two sessions, Saturday and Sunday) waives the written and driving tests at the Tennessee DMV and earns your Class M Motorcycle …

How much is motorcycle license in TN?

Driver License Fees

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License Class Cost Total Cost*
M-Motorcycle $3.25/year $29.00
PM-Learner Permit (under 18) $3.50/year $6.50
DM-Operator & Motorcycle $3.25/year+$3.25/year $55.00
ID Only (under age 18) $1.50/year $5.00

Can you drive a motorcycle without a motorcycle license in Tennessee?

Under Tennessee guidelines, you must be 16 years of age or older to operate a motorcycle. You must have a Class M motorcycle license or motorcycle instruction permit.

What happens if you get caught without a motorcycle license in Tennessee?

It depends on where you live, but if you ride without a valid motorcycle license, you can be ticketed, fined and in some cases, even jailed. And even if you’re a first-time offender, if you are caught riding without a valid license, your motor- cycle can be impounded and towed away, on the spot.

Can you ride a motorcycle without a license?

In most states, you must have a motorcycle license or endorsement to operate a bike legally. Additionally, you’re often required to have a motorcycle license to drive mopeds and scooters above a certain engine size. Not following your state’s motorcycle license requirements may lead to fines or even jail time.

How do I get my motorcycle license in TN?

How do I apply for a Motorcycle License? You can make application to obtain a motorcycle license at any full-service Driver Services Center location throughout the state of Tennessee. The knowledge test to obtain a motorcycle license is administered at any full-service Driver Services Center throughout the state.